The ParserIO Project

BarcodeParserIO is a barcode interpret (parser). It takes one input string and it returns a well-structured output as result of the parsing.
ParserIO as ParserInterOpérable (Interoperable Parser) is a C# Class Library developed using the Microsoft .NET.


You have 4 methods to integrate it with your software:
1. You can integrated the C# namespace within your code.
2. You can use the Class Library DLL reference.
3. You can use the COM Interface.
4. You can consume the ParserIO as a SOAP web service.

ParserIO is healthcare standard oriented.
It works very well with HIBC Barcode and I improve ceaselessly its performance with the GS1 Barcodes. The EAN13 Barcodes were already well parsed since the first release.

The non-standard barcodes are not parsed for the moment.

ParserIO is delivered under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Phast likes speeding up the development and the integration of the ParserIO with the healthcare business software and I like that too.

I will release a new version the next week and you will be download it from the Phast web site.

The last week I worked on the benchmark. I created the first version of the XML Barcodestore (750 Barcodes!!!) with its XSD and its XSLT. Now, I need to write a first release to consume the XML Barcodestore.

See you next week and many thanks for reading my post 🙂

If you are searching some links about the Barcode, have a look here:

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